Lindsay Lohan Nude (1 Photo)

Lindsay Lohan is sober and changing for the better. She leads a healthy lifestyle and is ready to prove it. The 32-year-old actress recently shared the black-and-white nude image in retro style for her followers (2019). She has only one clothing, her shoes with high heels, posing in a blond wig.

Lindsay is on a doggy-style pose, showing her beautiful body. Her boobs are only slightly covered by her hand. In the caption to the photo, the actress wrote that her figure is the result of a healthy lifestyle. The star was clearly made of the similarity to the famous Marilyn Monroe. According to the fappers, she did it well.

Lindsay Lohan has long suffered from alcoholism, which affected her career. But a year ago, the actress decided to start a new life: refused bad habit and started a charity.

Lindsay Lohan was photographed naked in the image of Marilyn Monroe. It was in 2011 when she appeared on the cover of Playboy US magazine. It was a shocking photoset, no one expected that Lindsay showed her boobs in front of the camera!


Lindsay Lohan Nude (1 Photo)

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